Homebuilding 101: The Construction Process

Homebuilding 101: The Construction ProcessWhen most people think about homebuilding, the construction process is what typically comes to mind first. At S&A Homes, our homebuyers are along for the journey and are just as much a part of development as our construction team. During several stages, our S&A teams even walk homebuyers through their home to recap the progress made thus far.

Of course, residential construction comes with its own mix of jargon that the typical homebuyer is likely not familiar with. Luckily, our S&A Homes team is back with a second installment of our “Homebuilding 101” blog series to define some of those construction process terms. Read More


Preparing to Move into Your New S&A Home

Preparing to Move into Your New S&A HomeThe final few weeks preparing to move into your new home are typically filled with anticipation. However, for most, there may also a bit of anxiety there as well. While exciting, the process of moving is also just that – a process.

Moving into a new home takes time, organization and an understanding of what to expect leading up to the move-in day. To help soon-to-be homeowners, our team at S&A Homes put together an easy guide for how to prepare for the big move free of stress! Read More


Introducing the Redesigned Hampton, Hampshire Ranch Plans from S&A Homes

Introducing the Redesigned Hampton, Hampshire Ranch Plans from S&A HomesKeeping up with homebuyer preferences and incorporating them into our designs is something S&A Homes does with pride. We recently had the opportunity to revamp two of our most sought-after ranch designs, the Hampton and the Hampshire. While many popular features and options remain the same, homebuyers now have several new exterior elevations to choose from, as well as new upgrade options they will not want to miss! Read More