Preparing to Move into Your New S&A Home

Preparing to Move into Your New S&A HomeThe final few weeks preparing to move into your new home are typically filled with anticipation. However, for most, there may also a bit of anxiety there as well. While exciting, the process of moving is also just that – a process.

Moving into a new home takes time, organization and an understanding of what to expect leading up to the move-in day. To help soon-to-be homeowners, our team at S&A Homes put together an easy guide for how to prepare for the big move free of stress! Read More


Create a Guest Room that Feels Like Home

Create a Guest Room that Feels Like HomeStaying at someone else’s home can be a bit unsettling sometimes. Therefore, as a host, it is important to create a guest room your visitors can feel completely at ease in. At S&A Homes, our floor plans are designed with areas that can be easily transformed into inviting guest rooms.

Now that you have a space in place for your overnight guests, here are a few interior design and hosting tips essential for creating a guest room that feels like home: Read More


Sherwin-Williams Announces 2021 ColorMix Forecast

Sherwin-Williams Announces 2021 ColorMix ForecastAs we approach fourth quarter, the S&A Homes team is already looking ahead to the home trends forecasted for the upcoming year. Recently, Sherwin-Williams revealed its 2021 ColorMix Forecast showcasing a brand-new collection of over 40 unique paint colors.

With the overarching theme being “Rhythm of Color,” this collection of colors is separated into four distinct palettes each offering a beautiful and meaningful combination of shades. Read More


Homebuilding 101: Terms First-Time Homebuyers Should Know

Homebuilding 101: Terms First-Time Homebuyers Should KnowAre you new to the world of homebuilding? First-time homebuyers are often overwhelmed by the homebuilding process and its terminology. To help, the team at S&A Homes has created an exciting “Homebuilding 101” blog series to serve as a useful crash course on the homebuilding process and common jargon. Read More


Interior Design Trends Post-Pandemic

Interior Design Trends Post-PandemicThere’s no denying that the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has altered the way we live our lives, especially within our own homes. After months spent quarantining, working remotely and spending time inside, you’ve likely recognized several things that are now necessary for everyday life in this new normal, and you may have even noticed a few things that you would like to change about your existing home. Read More


Save on Utilities Through the Summer with S&A Homes

Save on Utilities Through the Summer with S&A HomesCool off and save big! The summer months are notorious for increased air conditioning use and high energy bills, but they don’t have to be. At S&A Homes, we are all about our homeowners getting the most out of their home when it comes to energy efficiency and home savings. This is why we exceed code requirements for energy ratings on all of our homes. This represents savings our buyers enjoy 365 days each year.

Of course, most homeowners can do a little bit of extra work to save more money on utility bills. Here are a few tips for cooling your home and lowering your utility bills through the summer without having to break a sweat. Read More


Incorporate the Sherwin Williams Color of The Month Year-Round

Incorporate the Sherwin Williams Color of The Month Year-Round While it may be the end of the month, the Sherwin Williams July 2020 Color of the Month is here to stay! Touch of Sand (SW 9085) offers a warm and refreshing alternative to gray. The sandy beige shade has a beachy feel that is perfect for summer, but also a warm neutral look that is great year-round. Read More


Lighting Trends in S&A Homes

Lighting Trends in S&A HomesLight up your new S&A home! Lighting is an important feature in any home; not only does it offer a necessary function, but it also poses an interior design component. The lighting size, finish, style and placement have a significant impact on the mood of a room. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, it is important to be aware of the variety of lighting options available. Read More


Setting Up a Stress-Free Zone in Your S&A Home

Setting Up a Stress-Free Zone in Your S&A HomeWith most people still spending so much time at home and the added stress of being around each other more than usual, cabin fever is sure to be setting in by now. Unless previously intended, dining areas are now being used for makeshift home offices, bedrooms are classrooms and living areas are home gyms. Read More


Can High Curb Appeal Really Increase a Home’s Perceived Value?

Can High Curb Appeal Really Increase a Home’s Perceived Value?Landscaping a home for added curb appeal tops many homeowners and gardener’s to-do lists. Highlighting a yard’s attributes and curtailing its problem areas to create a more aesthetically pleasing street view does not have to be a difficult or daunting task, and there can be some amazing pay-offs, like increasing the perceived home value. Read More