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S&A Homes Celebrates National Pennsylvania Day

S&A Homes Celebrates National Pennsylvania DayPennsylvania is home to several of our beautiful communities and S&A Homes wants to join in the celebration of National Pennsylvania Day on July 20. In 2017, the nation began to celebrate each state starting the week of Independence Day, and S&A Homes is excited to embrace this new tradition in celebrating our beautiful country.

Also known as the Keystone State, Pennsylvania was the second state to join the Union. The food that comes from that state is just one reason why we love Pennsylvania! From delicious cheesesteak to mastering soft pretzels, Pennsylvania is to thank for some of the best food that America has to offer (in our humble opinion).

History is also a massively important part of this beautiful state. One monumental moment in history was in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. On top of that, this Pennsylvania is home to several “firsts.” In addition to serving as the home of the first presidential mansion, the first daily newspaper was published in 1784 followed by the building of the first stadium dedicated to the great American pastime, baseball.

There are so many reasons to love this beautiful state! S&A Homes is lucky to have the opportunity to build throughout Central and South-Central Pennsylvania. Use the hashtag #NationalPennsylvaniaDay throughout social media to show your support of our remarkable state.

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