Want to Custom Build? Don’t Take Our Word for It…

CustoMeIn a big, big world with lots and lots of home builders, it seems that today’s new home buyers seem to be settling for builders with pre-set floor plans, pre-set options and little to no flexibility when it comes to actually putting your own stamp on your new home.

Oh sure, you’ve heard you can “customize” your new home (which really just means you choose from a handful of hardwood and granite colors for your new kitchen). Or you may have heard you can “review your own set of plans”, which really means you get to review a large master set of plans with a bundle of pre-set options that you are NOT free to change. You will even get to put your own “personal stamp” on your home (which probably just means you get to choose your front door color from a piece of paper).

Sounds pretty bleak considering the whole point of new construction is to get what you want the first time out, right? Now before you run off doing something drastic like ripping apart an older home to try and recreate an episode of Fixer Upper (likely without the happy ending), we suggest you look for a home builder who truly does allow you to custom build. Read More


Five Simple Ways to Save for Your New Home Down Payment

FinancingSaving up for a new home can sound like a daunting task, especially in today’s housing market when rental payments are often higher than mortgage payments. But for those who truly desire to own a new home and are wishing to save up, there are some easy swaps that could quickly add up for someone dedicated to creating a nest egg. Here are some easy cuts to help you get on the budget track.

Change Out Cable for Netflix & Hulu – Unless you work from home and need a dedicated home phone line and cable internet access, cable almost always ends up eating a huge chunk out of the average american’s monthly budget. With bundled packages, it may seem like a deal but cutting cable for a low cost internet provider and then adding on Netflix and Hulu for a grand total of $17/month can save anywhere from $100 – $300 per month. With savings like that you can be well on your way to saving thousands a year with no other changes.
Change How You Drink Coffee – The average American spends between $1,000 – $1,500 per year on coffee thanks to drive-thrus, promotions and bonuses. And if you are caffeine addict the number may be much higher. No one is saying cut the coffee, just the spending. Start by purchasing coffee in bulk and purchasing a $5 reusable KCup on Amazon. Whether you have a machine at the office or at home, a reusable Kcup with your own coffee and skipping the store lines can save up to $500/year!
Pack Your Lunch – $5 lunch deals seem so much easier than packing, don’t they? And what a deal….until you times that by 5, then by 50 then by two married persons…you get the point. A few dollars here and a few dollars there compared to simply packing up the leftovers from your dinners can save up to hundreds, maybe even thousands a year. Read More