eTech™ Smart Home Automation is Here!

When someone says the word “smart home,” an image of Rosie from “The Jetsons” serving breakfast may be the first thing that pops into your head.  And while the brand new eTech™ smart home automation package may not be able to deliver breakfast to you, it offers sleek technology that is cutting edge, even for the new home industry.

S&A Homes is proud to introduce the state-of-the-art eTech™ platform as an included** feature for each and every to-be-built home we sell effective March 1, 2015.  Whether you want to unlock the front door for someone while you are at work, set up pre-determined lighting scenes, take advantage of faster charge times (while using less energy by the way) with the embedded USB ports or wish to turn z-wave enabled appliances on or off from any smart phone or tablet, it’s all possible with S&A Homes’ exclusive eTech™ platform.

Here’s a taste of what comes standard with the package:

  • 1 Z-Wave Controller Hub
  • App for all of your smart devices to remotely control Z-Wave enabled technology
  • Free installation, set-up and one year of home automation
  • Energy Management HVAC Thermostat
  • 1 Yale Security Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt at Front Door
  • 1 Z-Wave Enabled Receptacle
  • 4 Z-Wave Enabled Light Switches
  • 1 Z-Wave Enabled Dimmer Control at Interior
  • 2 Embedded USB Receptacles

Part of what makes this package so great is that it is completely customizable after that fact and can all be controlled from your smart phone or tablet (and even the new iWatch that Apple is releasing in April).  Want to add a security system or video camera to this?  No problem.  How about plugging in a coffee pot or iron into the z-wave enabled receptacle?  You can do that too!  The possibilities are endless.

For more information or to see the technology in action, click here!

**Effective 1/1/16 eTech is now available as an optional add-on feature in select regions – prices and availability vary by community and are subject to change without notice. eTech to be paid for by customer unless otherwise stated. See sales consultant for details.

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