Before You Build Your Next New Home, Check the BBB for your PA Builder

PA Builder

Check the BBB before choosing your PA builder

When you are out shopping or dining, how often do you think to check the BBB rating of that business prior to making a purchase? For most of us…never. Usually it isn’t until we discover a major flaw or disservice that cannot be remedied that we even think of taking such action.

And when it comes to the collateral damage, a cold meal or damaged shirt is about as bad as it usually gets. But, if you are thinking of building a brand new home, the damage from picking the wrong PA builder can be far worse. Shoddy work, a blatant disregard for promises made in a contract or a poor community standing may be the difference between the incredible home you thought you would get and the money pit you actually get.

So, how can you be sure you are going with the right builder for your PA new home? After all, few purchases will ever exceed that of your home purchase. There truly is no better place to check a company’s reputation than the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Not only does the BBB track any complaints made against a business, but they follow through to ensure the consumer received a favorable outcome. Any company’s rating depends on its length of time in business, volume (or lack thereof) of complaints and resolutions to those complaints.

S&A Homes is proud to not only be an accredited BBB business, but also boasts an A+ rating with the agency. For more information on the BBB or S&A Homes’ rating, please visit For more information about S&A Homes, please visit us on the web.

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