WV and PA New Homes More Affordable Than Ever

PA new homes

Now is the time to buy PA new homes

Many families have been putting their dreams of homeownership on hold, waiting for the perfect time to get the best deals on WV and PA new homes. Well, the time is now! According to many housing experts, buying a home may never get any cheaper than this. In fact, this year is likely the last chance for bargain shoppers to get the best deals.

In a recent CNN Money article, experts say that home prices and mortgage rates are at an all time historic low, making homes more affordable than ever. But, this won’t last long. By as early as next year, home prices are predicted to be on the rise.

Several factors are contributing to this rise including a decline in the number of foreclosures on the market, as well as continued job growth. Plus, many buyers are getting their finances inline making it easier for them to obtain home loans.

If you’re one of the many families who would like to take advantage of the affordable housing market, then give us a call. We have West Virginia and Pennsylvania new homes to meet every family’s needs. Plus, our energy efficient E-home helps buyers save even more by using cutting edge technology and building practices to reduce energy costs.

Don’t miss your chance to purchase a new home in one of the most affordable markets yet! For more information, visit the S&A Homes website.

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One response to “WV and PA New Homes More Affordable Than Ever”

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