Decorating Your PA New Homes on a Dime: Memorial Day

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Memorial Day Decoration Ideas for your PA New Homes

Memorial Day is just around the corner and regardless of whether or not you plan to celebrate the holiday chilling at your WV or PA new homes, attending community events, or hosting family and friends, tis the season to deck the house in red, white and blue!

Going all out to make your home a standing tribute to veterans doesn’t even require a trip to a store. Using a few simple household goods, you can transform your home from blah to bling!

  1. Luminaries – Before you go ahead and chuck those cans into the recycling bin, simply give them a good cleaning, peel their label and spray paint them alternating colors of red, white and blue. If you are feeling really daring, then fill them with water first, freeze overnight and then use a hammer and nail to poke holes in the sides for some great looking luminaries.
  2. Fun Centerpieces– Fill empty jelly and canning jars with sand and stuff with flags, or red and blue pom poms for a fun and inexpensive centerpiece!
  3. Flowers – Take some extra time this weekend to get the kids outside and look around for wildflowers that fit the red, white and blue bill. White violets, Queen Anne’s lace, Forget Me Nots and Virginia Blue Bells are all in season in PA and WV right now.
  4. The Food – This is an easy one.  A simple trifle layered with strawberries, whipped cream and blueberries makes for a tasty and beautiful desert. Or perhaps, red, white and blue frosted cupcakes on a 3-tiered stand for a tasty decorating statement.

Regardless of how you choose to decorate your PA or WV new homes, don’t forget to fly the American flag as a tribute to our fallen heroes and to thank our military personnel who are making the ultimate sacrifice each and every day for our freedom to celebrate this time tested holiday.

For more tips from S&A Homes, check back on our blog often.

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One response to “Decorating Your PA New Homes on a Dime: Memorial Day”

  1. These are some great ideas! Especially the trifle. Sounds absolutely delicious.