Energy Saving Tips for New PA Energy Efficient Homes

PA Energy Efficient Homes

PA Energy Efficient Homes Helps Buyers Save

We frequently hear back from our S&A homeowners who say the difference in their utility bills with their new PA energy efficient homes by S&A Homes are dramatically lower when compared to their older homes, even when their square footage has inched up. E-home features like CFL lighting, ultra low-e windows and 2×6 construction help save the average S&A homeowner thousands of dollars a year vs. a typical 10-year-old home.

So, why not maximize those savings? While an S&A E-Home will take you the majority of the way there, there is some basic energy saving advice that can shave hundreds of dollars off of your utility bill. (Don’t worry –we aren’t going to tell you to turn off the heat this winter!)

  • Use power strips to turn off TVs, stereos and other electronic equipment. Even when these bad boys are “off”, they are never really off. Leaving your TV and other components plugged in still suck up the energy of a 100 Watt light bulb, even when you aren’t using them.
  • Do you really need the second fridge? How about only plugging it in just during holidays or parties when you truly need the extra space for the food? It’s hard to justify the hundreds of dollars a year you are spending to run the fridge to cool a 12-pack.
  • Blinds and Black-Out Curtains are a huge help during the summer. Close them during the day to block sunlight from streaming through your windows and unnecessarily warming your home. Your AC will thank you! In the winter, leave them wide open and take advantage of the free heat.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary. The alarm clock in the guest room, the old video game system you use once a year for nostalgic purposes more than anything, and the nightlight in the downstairs hallway are just examples of how energy is wasted on a daily basis. Do a whole house audit and power down everything except the necessary.
  • Consider a high efficiency washer and dryer. Think they are out of your price range? Prices have come down dramatically over the last few years, and the investment can lower your utility bills by up to 20 percent. Our advice? Wait for a Black Friday special this November and pick up a new set for pennies on the dollar.
  • Of course, there are so many small steps you could take. Skip baths and stick with showers. Set clothes washers to warm instead of hot. Don’t run the dishwasher until it’s full. Heck, you could even surprise your significant other with a candlelight dinner under the guise of romance and save yourself a few dollars!

With a bit more planning and know-how, the simple tips above will help you maximize the energy efficiency of your PA green homes and cut back on those unnecessarily high utility bills.

For more information on S&A’s E-Home and commitment to energy efficiency, please visit the S&A Homes website.

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