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Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Home OfficeWorking from home has become increasingly popular as many companies are now offering remote work arrangements. With this shift to working remotely, it’s important to set up a productive and comfortable workspace in your new construction home. Here are some tips to optimize your workspace for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Choose the right space

The first step is finding the right spot in your new home for your office. Ideally, you should try to separate work and living spaces as much as possible to keep work-related stress from spilling into other areas of your home life. It also allows for more mental clarity when switching between tasks.

Converting an extra bedroom into an office is a common solution. Other remote workers set up a workspace in a dedicated area of a shared living space. Many of our home plans offer options for a dedicated office or den space that can serve as your home office without needing to give up a bedroom.

Investing in quality furniture

Ergonomic comfort is critical when setting up an effective workspace at home. Investing in quality furniture can be beneficial in promoting proper posture and avoiding strain on the body throughout long hours of work. Desks and chairs should be at elbow height or higher for comfortable typing on the computer. Adjustable standing desks also offer great alternatives if you prefer to stand while you work.

alexandria office option with built-in cabinetsLighting matters

Lighting plays an important role in creating a productive environment at home. Natural light is ideal because it reduces eye strain during long hours of screen time while also increasing alertness and productivity levels throughout the day. Supplement natural light with task lighting so your home office is properly lit in case you need to work late into the night.   

Cleaning & decluttering

Keeping things clean is essential for maintaining focus and staying organized throughout the day – especially if multiple people are sharing a single workspace. Shelves, cabinets, and drawers can help keep items organized while offering convenient access when needed later on. A neat space will go a long way toward helping you stay motivated and productive during work hours!

Business man typing on laptop computer

Personalize your workspace

An often-overlooked perk of working from home is the complete freedom to decorate your workspace exactly how you want. Incorporate photographs of friends or family members that inspire you, collectibles, and artwork. House plants have been known to improve moods by providing oxygen. Experiment with different styles until you find something that speaks to you.   

Take breaks

While this last tip isn’t for something tangible, it’s still important. Be sure to take regular breaks throughout the day. Since your coworkers aren’t around (or perhaps because of this!), it’s easy to get lost in long periods of uninterrupted workflow without realizing how much time has passed between breaks. Regularly taking breaks throughout the day helps refresh both mind and body from fatigue and burnout. Taking short 5-10 minute breaks every few hours will give you the boost you need.

Creating a productive workspace at home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; with some careful planning, you can create an effective and productive workspace at home.

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