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Helpful Tips for Selling a Home When You Have Pets

Helpful Tips for Selling a Home When You Have Pets

If you’re a pet-loving homeowner planning to sell your house, you might think that having your furry companions around would attract more buyers. However, having a pet isn’t actually a selling point. While the majority of buyers and sellers are pet owners, buyers want to envision themselves and their own furry friends in the home, not someone else’s.

So how can you showcase your home in the best possible way while still keeping your pets out of the picture? Check out these helpful tips for presenting your home in its most appealing light.


One of the most crucial steps in preparing your home for sale as a pet owner is decluttering and deep cleaning. Get your home ready for potential buyers by decluttering and hiding any evidence of your pets. Put away litter boxes and half-chewed toys, move crates and beds out of sight, and stash food and water bowls in the back of your pantry. And don’t forget to ask your real estate photographer to do the same – you don’t want potential buyers to get distracted by pet accessories in your listing photos. Let your home shine and attract the right buyer by keeping it pet-free during showings.

Deep Clean

Whether you have pets or not, your home deserves a good deep clean. Over time, floors, baseboards, walls, and upholstery can be neglected. If you’re busy or need a little help, consider hiring a house cleaning service. Or, if you’re feeling industrious, roll up your sleeves and tackle pet stains and odors yourself. The Humane Society has some great pet-safe tips for removing pet odors and stains.

Be sure to give all your soft furnishings a thorough wash, including slipcovers, quilts, comforters, curtains, and throw pillows. And if you have carpets, invest in a professional steam clean before you start showing your home to remove any stains, hair, or lingering smells.

Helpful Tips for Selling a Home When You Have Pets

Eliminate Odors

Because we become used to how our homes smell, we may not notice a pet smell like someone walking into your home for the first time will. A dirty or smelly home is not very appealing to potential buyers. This isn’t something you should try “fixing” with just scented candles or fragranced air fresheners. Deep cleaning can remove a lot of unpleasant odors in soft textiles that could turn off a potential buyer. Replace furnace air filters and consider using an air purifier with HEPA filters to absorb particles that can lead to odors like pet dander and allergens. Between showings, use pet-specific deodorizers or enzyme cleaners to neutralize smells.

Repair Pet Damage

While pets bring joy and comfort, you may not notice the wear and tear they can leave behind. However, when it’s time to sell, even small damage can turn off potential buyers and make them question your property’s upkeep. Give your home a critical eye and seek out any damage your pet may have caused. Whether scratched floors or chewed curtains, it’s important to either repair or conceal these blemishes before opening your doors to visitors.

Helpful Tips for Selling a Home When You Have Pets

Check Your Backyard

If you have a dog, chances are you spend some time in your backyard. You should also assess your yard for damage. Fill any holes, repair garden damage, and get rid of any pet waste. This will boost your curb appeal and make your home a welcoming sight for potential buyers. If you have a fenced-in pet area, highlight it as a selling point to pet lovers. Just ensure it’s cleaned and safe for your furry friends and visitors alike.

Get Away on Showing Days

If you can, try to have a sitter or friend take your pets for the day when you have an open house or showing. This will ensure that your pets are safe and make your home more welcoming to potential buyers who may not be pet owners. You can take a walk with your dog and enjoy a day out and away from home, which can relax both you and your pets.

Selling a home as a pet owner can seem overwhelming but with these simple steps, it doesn’t have to be. By preparing your home for sale in advance, it is possible to minimize stress while keeping your furry friends happy. Remember that a clean, decluttered, and pet-proof home is more attractive to potential buyers. By following these tips, you can showcase your home’s best assets and ensure a smooth selling process.

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