Three Tips to an Organized Laundry Room

Buchanan laundry roomIs your laundry room a chaotic mess? Does it make you want to run and hide from your family’s laundry? Here are some ideas and tips to help you tackle your mess of a laundry room and keep it organized!

1.    Organize alike items!

Organize similar items to help limit over-buying and signal when items are running low. Doing so also aids in keeping items in one place so you always know where it is. Cubbies, bins or baskets can serve as organization tools to hold alike items. Similar items can be grouped together by cleaning supplies, rags and towels and detergent and dryer sheets. Laundry itself can be divided into baskets such as lights, darks and others.

2.    Create zones!
Franklin laundry room
Create set up zones to keep specific areas for a chore. Specify the laundry zone, ironing zone, mudroom zone, cleaning zone and utility zone. Each zone aids in keeping things organized and clean in the laundry room. Zones should be equipped with baskets and proper labeling for laundry items such as detergent, dryer sheets, bleach and more. Each zone should be in a convenient and easy to access area. Read More


Throw a Perfect Patriotic Party this Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2015Memorial Day is upon us! It’s the perfect time to celebrate our wonderful country and the amazing men and women who serve with a party in your backyard. That’s why S&A Homes has put together a list of ideas to help make your day one to remember. To start, in order to throw a great party there are three necessities: delicious food, patriotic decorations and fun games.

Ideas for food can be barbecue, burgers, deviled eggs, potato salad, fruit salad and corn on the cob. Desserts can be made patriotic by adding red, white and blue sprinkles or making a trifle with blueberries, strawberries and angel food cake. Finger foods including dipped strawberries, pretzels and popcorn can also be spiced up with food coloring and sprinkles to add some spirit. Read More


Congrats to Our Giveaway Winners!

eTech Apple WatchWe’re so excited to announce our #eTechAppleWatchGiveaway winners! Out of over 100 people that watched our new eTech™ video and entered, three were randomly selected to win new Apple watches. Congrats to Robert Hedrick, Karen Campbell and Starks Michael!

If you weren’t selected to sport a new Apple watch, don’t fret. These watches aren’t the only things that can make your life simpler. So can our new eTech™ automated smart homes!* Our packages include**: Read More