About to Renovate Your New Home in Pennsylvania? Think Again.

S&A Homes

Home Renovation Vs. Buying New

Well, summer is un-officially over. Kids are back to school, and most of us are back to the daily grind. It is often in the midst of this madness that homeowners around the nation come to the realization that their home just isn’t working for them. Whether it’s the mad rush to sort through the clutter because you have no storage space or perhaps your once-lovely dining room has now become the office/playroom. Maybe you are suffering from empty-nest syndrome and wondering why you have all that space in the first place!

Whatever the reason may be, it is almost always more beneficial to buy a new home in Pennsylvania than renovate your current home. Despite the glamorous outcomes on shows like HGTV’s Property Brothers, finding a dependable and professional contractor can be difficult.  Hitting snags in the budget and time frame is practically inevitable and renovations tend to be a major intrusion. Even worse, most renovations go way over budget and rarely yield a profit when the owner goes to resell. Why is that?

First, a renovated house is just that – an old house with some updates. Unless you are working with a limitless budget, renovations tend to neglect the necessities that today’s buyers are looking for. These include energy efficient construction designs, upgraded insulation, Pex plumbing systems and more. Most renovations are purely surface. This means that you may have some beautiful kitchen cabinets and great looking floors, but that shell is still old, outdated and will require a lot of money to be plunked in it over time.

So, the question begs…why would you ever renovate when you could buy new? Newer neighborhoods command a stronger price per square foot, you have the obvious benefit of choosing every finish your heart desires and the energy efficient innards of the home are a huge plus. For more information on building a new home, please visit S&A Homes on the web.

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