Neighborhoods with WV and PA New Homes Preferred

Homes near Penn State

Communities with PA new homes preferred.

When on the hunt for the perfect WV or PA new homes, potential buyers often have to make endless amounts of decisions. What location is the best for their needs, what price range and, ultimately, what kind of home to purchase? But, with all of the decisions that you have to make, there’s one that most buyers agree on. According to a NAHB Eye on Housing article, neighborhoods with new construction homes are preferred by homeowners.

The article, which refers to an American Housing Survey, states that when asked to rank their neighborhoods on a scale of 1 to 10 owners of newly constructed homes give overall higher scores of quality. In fact, more than 90 percent of new construction homeowners gave their neighborhoods a ranking of 9 or 10, compared to only 65 percent of all homeowners.

Homeowners in these new neighborhoods are also significantly happier with their own personal homes. Rankings of 9 or 10 were given by 68 percent of new homeowners, while only 51 percent of all homeowners gave the same ranking.

If you think that buying PA or WV new homes in a new construction neighborhood is the right decision for you, then turn to us at S&A Homes. We have communities throughout West Virginia and Pennsylvania with something for everyone. Plus, our popular, energy-efficient E-homes are the perfect choice for those looking for added value, safety and security for their families.

For more information about S&A Homes, please visit our website.

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