S&A Spring Savings Event for PA New Homes

PA new home incentives

Fabulous incentives for WV and PA new homes

With the warm winter we have had, March may not hold the same punch it normally does in terms of weather relief, but we don’t know too many people who are complaining about that! Despite what it may seem like, we are still in the throes of winter, with spring rushing in on its heels. Typically, in new construction, that means a rush of new people in the market and a flood of incentives for those folks to help them make a buying decision sooner rather than later. After all, purchasing PA new homes now means being able to move in during the summer and before school starts back up!

Well, we certainly aren’t holding back this year. Just last week, we kicked off our very special, but limited time, Spring Savings Event. Some months we offer the same bonuses to buyers across the board, but not now. We have instead elected to offer our most popular incentives to buyers community by community. That means that some communities may be offering half-off options up to $50,000 and others may be including a free morning room. A handful of communities are even offering 4 to 5 percent straight up discounts off of their lowest base price for! Any way you dice it, buyers will save themselves thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars that they can use for anything they want.

All this really means is that if you are considering purchasing one of our PA or WV new homes you have lucked out to be purchasing at the best time of the year to take advantage of these rare, limited time incentives! For more information, please contact a sales consultant in the community you are interested in. Hurry – most incentives expire 3/31/2012!

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