PA New Home Residents: Stay Safe this Halloween with these Tips

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Halloween Safety Tips

While you’re decorating your PA new homes, shopping for candy and putting the finishing touches on your costumes, you’re sure to be feeling the Halloween spirit by now. But, before you make the trek to collect as much candy as you can, stop to think about how you can have fun this year while staying safe. To help, we’ve created a list of tips to keep your family safe this year.

Accompany Your Small Children: A responsible adult should always go with the kids. Even if your child will be with a large group of kids, a parent should be present.

Know the Route: If your older children go off by themselves, then make sure you know what path they plan to take so that you know it’s safe.

Have a Cell Phone: If your children don’t have cell phones of their own, then let them borrow yours. They can use them to check in periodically and have a way to contact you in case of an emergency.

Inspect Candy: Children should never eat the candy that they collected until an adult or parent has inspected it. No one should consume homemade treats from strangers. Read More


Are PA New Homes Really Affordable?

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Now is the time to buy PA new homes

For those of you out there thinking of purchasing WV or PA new homes, it is an almost impossible task to actually time your purchase with the bottom of the housing market. Conflicting information and opinions seem to dominate the media every day. So, it’s not often that you hear someone claim that now is the time to buy a new home. Even rarer: Hearing it from the Wall Street Journal.

But, in this past weekend’s edition of the WSJ, that is essentially what happened. The article, It’s Time to Buy That House by Jack Hough, seems to lend more credibility to its statements than most of the articles we’ve read, mainly because it takes factual data into consideration when determining whether the housing prices are fair or not.

Consider these direct quotes from the article: Read More


Changes Ahead for this PA Builder

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Learn about PA New Homes on New SA Homes Website

You may have noticed that this PA builder’s look has been changing over the last few months. First, it was a new logo. Then we threw some new colors into the mix. If you ever pick up a newspaper, our re-designed ads probably jump out at you. But the biggest and perhaps most anticipated change is just around the corner… a new website.

For years, S&A Homes has offered a home that is beyond the cutting edge of any other builder our size. The technologies that we incorporate into each and every home are usually years ahead of the industry and part of the reason our home owners choose to purchase an S&A home in the first place.

For the first time in years, we get to bring that technology to you in web format. By the end of the month, you will have a chance to peruse a completely re-designed website that offers the same types of innovative features each of our homes do. Read More


Buy the PA Energy Efficient Home of Tomorrow…Today

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PA New Homes of Tomorrow, Today

A report released on Zillow yesterday offered a glimpse into the future by projecting what typical PA new homes in 2015 will look like. Intrigued, we wanted to see exactly what the crystal ball forecasts. Not surprisingly, smaller spaces will dominate the landscape along with smarter designs.

But, perhaps more surprising is that every S&A home offers the vast majority of so-called “future technologies” that the home of 2015 is expected to include. Among the items listed:

  • More energy efficient heating & cooling systems.
  • Focus on CFL lighting, water-efficient plumbing and other energy efficient technologies.
  • Formal living and dining room space being replaced with open, flowing great rooms and kitchens.
  • More porches, less hobby rooms.
  • More spacious laundry rooms and less mudrooms. Read More

Pittsburgh New Homes Rank No.3 for Retirees

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Pittsburgh No. 3 City for Retirees

Those thinking about retiring may not be considering Pittsburgh new homes as a viable option. In fact, retirees probably have images of Disney World and tropical paradise swirling through their heads, but the results of a recent study conducted by Sperling’s Best Places offers a surprising realization for those thinking of packing up and heading to the Sunbelt. The study, recently featured in US News, points out that not only are northern cities making the list as top places to retire, but not one sunbelt city even made the top 10.

At a first glance, cities like Pittsburgh (which scored No.3 best city for seniors) and Portland, Ore. don’t exactly conjure up the idyllic beach scene many envision for their retirement. However, the study delves into factors more important than the weather when determining which cities offered the highest quality of life for seniors. Read More