Housing Bust? Not for Pittsburgh New Homes

We have to admit, it is refreshing to open up the Wall Street Journal and actually find encouraging news about the housing market – at least in our area. On Monday, the Journal featured an article entitled “Housing Bust? What Housing Bust?” and cites a diverse economy and an unemployment rate 2 points below the national average as two of the reasons Pittsburgh, PA continues to experience a conservative, but steady climb in home prices while many of the nation’s larger metropolitan areas have not been so fortunate. The article even features a graph which shows the steady price appreciation of Pittsburgh new homes since 2000 (up 42% according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency actually).

As a Pittsburgh builder with more than 20 new home communities throughout the area, including Sewickley which is featured in the article, we like to think that we have more of an insider’s perspective regarding some of the reasons housing prices have steadily climbed. With a continuously improving infrastructure, Pittsburgh is one of the few cities in the nation where someone can live 10 miles outside of the city from the mid-$100’s or even own a single-family home from the-$200’s.

Some of the nation’s most cutting edge companies like Google are here and there is no shortage of entertainment, sports and culture either. There’s even a rare, small town feel to Pittsburgh that seems to be missing in most of our neighboring east coast cities that gives the area a refreshing vibe.

Ok, ok…we’ll admit – the winters may be a bit gray and cold; but otherwise, it is hard to find fault with a city that offers high paying jobs and low cost of living. And trust us – enjoying a Steelers game in person during the crisp, blue fall days more than make up for that lake effect snow!

For more information on some of our communities in the Pittsburgh areas, please visit the S&A Homes website.

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