ENERGY STAR™ Program Saves Money and Environment

Well, the latest and greatest numbers are out! S&A Homes continues to raise the bar by building ENERGY STAR™ qualified and energy efficient homes in PA and WV. S&A’s commitment to high-performance building practices does a lot more than simply cut back on resources and save homeowners money.

When the typical consumer thinks of an ENERGY STAR™ home, most think of the energy savings they can achieve through their homes’ energy efficiency. And while it is true that ENERGY STAR™ saves homeowners hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, it would be a shame to miss out on the fact that the program also has a tremendous positive impact on the environment as a whole.

Consider the fact that S&A Homes settled enough homes in 2010 to:

–          Eliminate emissions from 86.24 vehicles

–          Save 521,665 lbs. of coal

–          Plant 142,56 acres of trees

–          Save Homeowners $78,672 on their utility bills

It gets better though. All PA energy efficient homes constructed by S&A Homes is built to EXCEED ENERGY STAR™ standards! By taking the standards and then going above and beyond with superior building materials and practices, we are able to deliver an average utility savings of more than $1,500/year to our homeowners vs. a typical 10 year old home!

To find out more about S&A Homes’ Energy Efficient building practices, please visit us on the web.

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One response to “ENERGY STAR™ Program Saves Money and Environment”

  1. Congratulations on everything you are doing to protect the environment! Homeowners are really starting to look for green homes that save them money as energy costs continue to rise.

    We recently wrote an article on our blog: Homebuyers will pay more for green Atlanta real estate. It’s on how buyers are willing to pay more for green in Atlanta.

    You might find it interesting!