Organize and Simplify Your Life With a Convenient 2nd Floor Laundry Room

It’s Saturday morning, and the main floor hallway has become treacherous as piles of the week’s dirty clothes form a queue outside the laundry room door. The downstairs laundry room is convenient to the kitchen and main living areas where family members spend a lot of daytime hours. Unfortunately, when not being worn or used, most clothes and towels tend to hang out upstairs.

The average family does 10 to 12 loads of laundry each week, creating about 80 times a month that someone is lugging a laundry basket up or down the stairs. It’s no wonder you’re tired! That’s why many buyers Pennsylvania new homes are choosing a second floor laundry room instead.

An analysis by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that about 80 percent of homes built in 2009 had the laundry room on the first floor. S&A offers this option, but we’re also finding more buyers interested in alternatives.

One popular floorplan offered by S&A Homes is the Winterberry. The tiled laundry room is upstairs, just outside the entrance to the master suite. It also is conveniently positioned near the stairs so family members can drop off their dirty clothes on their way out each day. The Hawthorne B has a smaller laundry closet upstairs, located in an area with direct access to all four bedrooms. Again, convenience leaves even the busiest teenager without an excuse if she fails to deposit dirty clothes in the proper place. (See our full selection of plans at the S&A Homes website.  All plans are not available in all neighborhoods.)

No matter where you choose to put your laundry room and the size of room you select, organization is the key to keeping laundry day running smoothly. As part of S&A Homes’ Operation Organize Simplify, we want to help you select and pay for the tools that will create order in your new S&A Homes laundry room. You’ll get a coupon for $1,500 off the organizational items of your choice to apply at the purchase of your new home. To get it, visit the S&A Homes Facebook fan page and click on the “$1,500 off” tab.

We don’t want to leave Realtors out of the fun, so we have a deal for you, too. Post your ideas for organizing a laundry room – or any part of a home – and you could win a $150 Home Depot Gift Card. You’ll also receive a bonus on the next S&A Homes sale you make.

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