How Do You Organize Your Life?

home organizationPutting everything away in its place is a constant struggle in day-to-day life. We all crave organization and less clutter in our homes. Don’t you wish it was easy to straighten your house? What if everything really did have a place?

Realtors are invited to participate in the “Help S&A Homes Design a New Home” contest. If you could build your dream home what is the one organizational item that you would incorporate into every home? Feel free to dream. . . We know you have seen hundreds of homes and that you are in tune with what today’s home buyers want. From floor to ceiling cubby holes in bonus rooms to toy storage in playrooms, share your concepts.  How would you organize your life?  What organizational feature do you dream about?

To share your ideas and enter, simply submit your original home organizational idea as a comment on this blog. Contest is open until November 30, 2010.

The winner will receive a $150 gift card to Home Depot, as well as $500 (on top of their normal Realtor commission) with the next S&A Homes home they sell. The $500 cash gives our winner the perfect opportunity to organize their life! Additionally, the best 3 ideas will be featured on the blog.

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5 responses to “How Do You Organize Your Life?”

  1. Darla DeLaney says:

    “Help S&A Homes Design a New Home” contest:

    My dream home would have two way closets that connect from each (or at least master) dressing room/bedroom to a large laundry room. Clean and pressed clothes would go into the closet directly from the laundry on hangers, with baskets for socks, underwear, etc. The hamper would also be two sided with access from both sides. Linens could be kept in this room or connect to another closet. The laundry would be large enough to incorporate a sewing machine and ironing board.

    Darla DeLaney
    Coldwell Banker Town and Country

  2. My Dream home would have a closet tall enough to store a fully decorated Christmas tree. I could put my Christmas tree on rollers and slide it right back into the closet when the holiday is over with all the lights and ornaments already on it ready to go again for the next season.
    I would love to see a closet with shelves off of the family room to store all the little toys and extra equipment needed for toddlers and small children. That would make it so easy to keep the family room neat and tidy when company comes. It should be a walk in closet and one wall should be painted with chalkboard paint for drawing.
    A bench and some wall hooks in the laundry/mud room off of the garage area. The Bench would help facilitate putting on/taking off boots, shoes, hats coats. THe hooks would provide a place to hang the bookbags. A cabinet with drawers would be a great place to store gloves and hats. Clutter control supreme….also might have a cork bulletin board for messages, schedules etc.

    Suzy Alexander
    Keller Williams Advantage Realty

  3. Chelsea Bester says:

    The good old fashioned MUDROOM: The first room you enter from the garage, it’s the place to pile things, take of coats and boots, to wash the dog; to simply drop the outside world before coming home. My ideal Mudroom would be large, with at least one window and plenty of light, so to have a bright cheerful welcome home. It would have a comfy bench to sit down and take of boots with storage underneath. It would have a big closet for coats and shoes. It would have a large counter space for dropping groceries before they are put away. It would have a sink for washing hands from garden work. It would have a pet center where you could wash the dog and keep the kitty litter. It would have selves and bins for hats and gloves. It would have coat racks and baskets for odds and ends. It would have a message board to alert family members, as soon as they entered the house of important news. And finally it would have a tiled floor for easy cleaning. This would be the room where things were stored that just don’t fit anywhere in the house. A classic….the MUDROOM.

  4. Laura King says:

    I actually did this in my first custom home, and would do it again! 1. I had the electrician put multiple outlets along one full length shelf in my pantry for all countertop appliances, and left them in there for use, instead of cluttering up my countertop with blenders, food processors, coffee grinders, etc. I like nice, clean countertops.
    2. The space under the stairs (usually used for coats, etc) was directly across from the Dining Room. I measured very carefully and built custom-sized shelves and cubbies for all serving pieces that usually get stored away in inconvenient places. This way, I went to the closet and pulled out everything I needed very quickly and had the table set beautifully in no time!
    A place for everything!!

  5. Karen Clark says:

    Regarding Operation Organize, Simplify:

    You asked for one idea to better organize a home. My one idea required a reorganizing of the typical floor plan of a home. All to often the entry from the garage is though the laundry room. I’ve never liked coming in though the laundry. When I enter a home from the garage I would like see a large closet walk-in closet with a pocket door. On one side of this closet I would have a place to hang all the family coats. The other side of the walk-in closet would have shelves and/or cubbies for storing boots, shoes, hats, gloves, backpacks and etc. Plenty of lighting would be a must.

    I would then move the laundry into it’s own space. This space would be located off the kitchen but with a catch. To enter the laundry you would open a pocket door and first pass though a wide, well lit pantry. The pantry would be at least 6 feet long on two sides with a working counter top sitting on top of closed cabinets and drawers. The counter top would allow you to place grocery bags on top while you sort though and unload the shopping items. I might even make this area big enough for a second refrigerator (instead of the one usually found in the garage) Above the counter and from the counter up would be adjustable shelves for open storage.

    Once you pass though the pantry area, you would find the laundry. This area would have cabinets and a laundry tub. It would also have two built-in bars for hanging items. One bar for hanging unused hangers and the other for hanging the items as they come out of the dryer. There would also be a door from the laundry to the outside.

    It would be real nice if the walk-in family closet, the panrty and the laundry room area could be somewhat in the same area and maybe side by side and inter-connecting so that you could come in from the garage and dump the pantry items on the pantry counter (I am making the assumption the garage entry is very near the kitchen and toward the back of the house.

    That’s what my perfect house would have . . .lots of bright, well organized storage in the kitchen/laundry/family entry area with easy access to the kitchen but out of site