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S&A Homes Recognized as Industry Leader for Customer Satisfaction
April 8, 2013 / Press Release


In a rebounding home building environment, delivering a newhome that also meets the increased expectations of consumers in terms of energy efficiency, quality andoverall purchasing experience is something that only a handful of new home builders are able to achieve.

S&A Homes, Inc. announced on Monday that the results of its 2012 Customer Satisfaction Surveysshowed a record number of homebuyers indicated that building an S&A Home either met or exceededtheir expectations. The acknowledgment comes after the compilation and assessment of an entire year’sworth of data from the purchasers of settled new homes during 2012.

The data, which is collected by a third party company, Customer Follow Up, Inc., was based upon an 89%response rate, a number of surveyed individuals that far exceeds the typical 20-30% response ratereported by most home builders. Of those surveyed, 98% indicated that they would purchase an S&AHome again. Those same homebuyers indicated to Customer Follow Up that S&A Homes either met theirexpectations, or in many instances, exceeded their home buying expectations.“

This is a proud moment for the entire S&A Team,” stated Chris Schoonmaker, President of the S&AHousing Division. “The results represent a collective effort amongst our sales, production and corporateteam members, all of whom are dedicated to providing a memorable and seamless experience to ourcustomers.”

Meeting increased pressure to continually improve processes, keep up with housing trends and deliver ahigh quality and cost effective home is not new to the company. This may be part of the reason S&AHomes has boasted a 95% or greater customer satisfaction rating year over year for more than a decade.The homebuilder treats customer satisfaction so seriously that it chose to partner with a third-partyprovider for their surveys more than a decade ago simply to ensure the results are reliable, accurate andunbiased.

Perhaps the greatest measure of success lies in S&A Homes’ extraordinary referral rating though. The2012 customer satisfaction results indicated that 96% of those surveyed would recommend S&A Homesto a friend or relative. “If you trust us to build a new home for your best friend or parents, then we knowwe have succeeded,” acknowledged Schoonmaker.

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