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S&A Homes Introduces “This is Home” Marketing Campaign
January 28, 2014 / Press Release


For active home shoppers, to distinguish between home builders and new home communities is a challenge in today’s new home market. Chris Schoonmaker, the President of the S&A Homes Housing Division, challenged the sales and marketing staff to differentiate the company from other home builders in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. One result of this challenge is the just-introduced “This is Home” marketing campaign, with a video element that has gone viral.

Schoonmaker said, “The video campaign offers a fresh perspective on how to feature our new homes in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and consequently we are proud to say we have changed the way new home shoppers use the web to browse new homes for sale online.”

The video campaign began in September of 2013. The campaign, “This is Home,” as it is dubbed by the homebuilder, features real families in the builder’s homes, living out their lives. “It was important to us that we showcase the variety of lifestyles our real homebuyers have. We sell to everyone from first-time buyers to move-up buyers and everyone in between,” stated Ashleigh Shetler, Manager of Sales & Marketing Development. “We wanted to capture the real moments an owner will experience in their new home.”

The second video in the “This is Home” campaign was released earlier this month. The response has been overwhelming. “We have received calls from people all over the nation regarding the video campaign,” Shetler said. “The positive response just reinforces that prospective home purchasers want to experience that intangible connection between themselves and their new home.”

The video campaign was even recognized by Builder Target, a marketing agency focused on providing homebuilder marketing content, as one of “7 Amazing Home Builder Videos” for creating a stronger connection between builder and viewer than a traditional virtual home tour.

S&A Homes aims to do more than simply show pictures of their energy-efficient brand new homes. The West Virginia and Pennsylvania new home builder chose instead to focus on the emotional side of the home-buying experience. “We recognize that homebuyers want more than just big rooms or a pretty exterior,” said Chris Schoonmaker, President of S&A Homes’ Housing Division. “This is the home that they will carry out their day-to-day lives in; the home they will create their lasting memories in. In essence, this is more than a house, this is home.”

The videos are evocative of “feel good” emotions, but the awards have to do with the quality of craftsmanship, forward-thinking technology solutions, and energy-efficient homebuilding practices. The new builder is widely recognized as an industry-leader for paving the way towards affordable and energy efficient homes in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and has been featured in publications throughout the United States for its award-winning designs.

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