Just because you want to build on your own piece of ground doesn’t mean you should settle for an expensive custom builder that won’t commit to a price or a schedule.

Here at S&A Homes, nearly 25% of the homes we sell are to those who already own their own lot. Our My Site program is simple, affordable and stress-free.

What you get

Here's what you get!

  • Free on-site consultation with a project manager.
  • Personalized solutions based on your specific piece of land.
  • Full disclosure of home building schedule prior to purchase.
  • Financing Solutions for those who have equity tied up in their land.
  • Project Manager will oversee the entire building process from beginning to end.

Once you’ve met with a Sales Consultant to determine which home you want to build, a Project Manager will personally meet with you. During this meeting, you will both physically inspect the lot, review lines & grades, utilities, code requirement and any other information necessary to generate and accurate estimate of costs.

Your Sales Consultant & Project Manager will work together to deliver a cost estimate to you prior to your purchase. Your cost estimate will reflect the estimated price of all land related charges as well as the cost of the home with any features you choose to add. Land related costs vary depending on site conditions, local code and availability of utilities.

We are able to offer our construction customers specialized loans that are difficult to find in the open market. In addition to traditional construction financing, we offer streamlined financing solutions that convert to traditional mortgages at the end of the build period and also give buyers the opportunity to use their land equity towards their down payment.

When both parties agree to move forward, the estimate of costs will become part of your agreement. As you move forward through the construction process, your Project Manager will be able to provide you with a refined and final estimate of costs at each stage.

Before the first shovel ever hits the ground, you will have an opportunity to review your specific set of blueprints with every option you choose. Your Sales Consultant and Project Manager will review all of your paperwork and selections and give you an opportunity to make any changes (free of charge, of course) prior to the start of construction.

Unlike some builders, who only serve as an intermediary between you and certain sub-contractors, your Project Manager will oversee every aspect of the construction process from beginning to end, alleviating stress and freeing up your time for more important things.