Operation Organize Simplify Moves to the Kitchen

S&A Homes’ Operation Organize Simplify is underway. We know your life is complicated enough and as a busy homeowner you are looking for ways to simplify and declutter. Let’s start by looking at the kitchen. When you organize the hub of your house, you’ll gain a happy chef, a cleaner kitchen, and precious time during meal preparation.

The best place to start is with your cabinets. It doesn’t need to be spring to clean them out! Get rid of anything that you have not used in the past two years. Ask yourself if you use it and if you really need it. Think about the TV show “Hoarders” anytime you start to keep an item that you have not used in years. It is much easier for everything to have a “place” if you have culled the items you never use.

For those items you don’t use daily, like your fine china, holiday dishes and seasonal items, find an alternative location. Your dining room and butler’s pantry are good options for keeping them easily accessible, but out of the way.

If you’re considering building a new home, you can be assured that S&A Homes recognizes the importance of building organization into the kitchen from the start. We know your kitchen is for far more than cooking. It is the heart of your home and often the place where family members deposit books, sports equipment, mail and anything they happen to bring in the back door. We can help you introduce order to the chaos with a built-in desk, easily accessible pull out cabinetry and other organizational features that will best suit your particular needs.

Our kitchens are greener and healthier than ever, too, because we use green-certified cabinetry by Century Cabinets. This small, niche company builds high quality, full overlay cabinetry with no VOC finish to protect indoor air quality. Century Cabinets’ gourmet layout makes it easier for homeowners to find everything. By planning kitchen storage around common tasks, Century Cabinets’ gourmet layout saves homeowners time and space. Pots and pans are hidden in roomy cabinets within reach of the stove, while glass-front cabinetry allows the display of dishes and glassware – conveniently close to the dishwasher, of course.

Pennsylvania new home buyers can choose the amount of storage that’s right for them, with tall cabinets or oversized islands providing extra space. Features such as a lazy susan, full extension drawers, and pull out shelving within base cabinets optimize storage space and make it easier to work in the kitchen.

There are many more options available when you add Century Cabinets’ gourmet layout to your S&A Homes kitchen. Plus, homebuyers who visit the S&A Homes Facebook page can click on a tab at the top of the page to download a coupon for $1,500 toward organizational items in their homes.

And we don’t want to leave Realtors out of the fun. We know you have visited hundreds of homes and have the BEST ideas for organizational add-ons. Let us hear about them, and you could win a $150 Home Depot gift card plus a bonus with your next S&A Homes sale. Visit our post on Operation Organize Simplify to find out more.

Come back soon to learn which part of the home S&A Homes’ Operation Organize Simplify will take over next!

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