Building a home shouldn't be a hassle. Our Getting Started guide provides an overview of the entire new home process from beginning to end. Your Sales Consultant and Project Manager will guide you through each step of your home building journey to ensure you are thrilled with your new home.

Your Sales Consultant will help you choose a home and home site that best suit your needs and will also guide you through the process of customizing your home and narrowing down your financing options.

Your Sales Consultant will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown of your new home with all of its options before you purchase so there are no surprises down the road.

Signing a purchase agreement means you are on your way to owning a brand new home! Your Sales Consultant will help you set up your appointment to meet with a mortgage consultant and a design consultant to keep your home building process moving forward.

Within 30 days of finalizing your paperwork, you will meet one-on-one with a trained design consultant who will help you choose from hundreds of selections so you can truly customize your house and turn it into a home.

Approximately 30-45 days after signing your purchase agreement, you will have an opportunity to review a unique set of plans we generate specifically for your home. Walking you through your set of plans room by room and allowing you to make changes free of charge prior to construction is just one of the ways we can make sure you are happy with your new home.

Your Sales Consultant will make sure that you receive copies of all of your paperwork and process your mortgage commitment to signal the official start of the building process. You will also receive a specific construction timeline and an estimated completion date for your new home.

Get out your camera – this is the fun part! From foundation to framing to the final touches, being able to watch your home go up piece by piece is an amazing experience. We will officially walk you through your home during framing to give you a sneak peak and show you how your home works behind the walls.

Approximately one week prior to settlement, your Project Manager will show you all the ins and outs of your newly-built home. You will receive warranty booklets, phone numbers and everything else you need to keep your new home running smoothly.

Congratulations - the wait is over! You will receive the keys to your new home, sign any settlement paperwork and start enjoying living in your new home.